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For every new convert to Catholicism, more than six people leave. Sexual misconduct among leadership, the church's stance on homosexuality, and a growing lack of faith in general have led many to reject Catholicism as the one true church. If you find yourself doubting your faith or disconnecting from it altogether, we hope you find support in the resources on this page.

Did you know? 

Catholicism is the world's largest Christian denomination.

More young Americans have left the Catholic church than any other religion.

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Online Resources

Recovering from Religion ~ One of the largest resource sites of its kind, it's a must-visit for both the religious who still value their faith and the non-religious seeking secular help. See their vast list of mental health and crisis information, find a local support group, talk to someone for free who gets what you're going through, and check out their podcast.

#Exvangelical ~ As its name might suggest, this podcast and blog site is like therapy for ex-evangelicals. 

Life After God ~ Former pastor Ryan Bell started this site after an experiment with atheism left him unable to reconcile his beliefs with his truth. He now runs a regular podcast and blog, and his organization offers coaching and consulting services for those transitioning out of faith.

The Friendly Atheist ~ Here at Dare to Doubt, we're not afraid of the A-word. Though we welcome all in various stage of questioning their beliefs, if you've already decided faith in anything is not for you, the videos, blogs, and podcast of the Friendly Atheist will keep you engaged.

Not Your Mission Field ~ For ex-evangelical conversations and well-researched articles reflecting on everything from Christian politics to homeschooling, visit the site of writer and scholar Chris Stroop. He also has a thoughtfully selected list of resources for ex-fundamentalists and other spiritual abuse survivors.

Valerie Tarico's Blog ~ For some truly therapeutic (and often humorous) post-evangelical writing, read the articles and blog entries of Valerie Tarico. We especially liked "Evangelical Christianity's 10 Biggest Mindfucks." Her YouTube channel Trusting Doubt is also a wealth of information and catharsis.

The Clergy Project ~ Are you a former or current clergy member who no longer holds supernatural beliefs? If your answer is yes and you could use the compassion and help of other religious leaders leaving both faith and profession, apply to join this online support community.

Grief Beyond Belief ~ This self-described faith-free support network is just that: a safe place for those grieving the loss of a loved one to turn to for comfort from those who won't tell them everything happens for a reason. Their secular grief library is full of heartfelt stories from other nonbelievers.

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