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   Must-See Resources


Orinam ~ Based in India, this organization aims to provide resources for LGBTIQA+ individuals and their loved ones. They are atheist-friendly and also offer Sikh and Hindu perspectives of gender and sexual fluidity. 

Skeptic Meditations ~ This site founded by a former Self-Realization Fellowship monk explores the hidden dark side of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. 

Cult Recover ~ Roseanne Henry, a former member of an eastern-based cult, is now a therapist who has helped survivors of destructive, high-demand groups for over 25 years. Read her definition of a cult here. Roseanne offers therapy sessions by phone or Skype. She also runs recovery workshops at nationwide conferences. Call 303-797-0629.

Coming Out As You Guide ~ Need a little guidance coming out? Not even sure what you're coming out as, or how to talk with your family and friends about it? The folks at The Trevor Project created a 3-step program you can do at home for free. And if you decide not to come out, that’s ok too.

Break Free Together Dinner parties for people healing from sexual shame? We're down. Linda Kay Klein, author of Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement that Shamed a Generation of Women and How I Broke Free, founded this organization bringing together people from various religious backgrounds for story exchange over the dinner table. Break free from shame!

You can also check out the following pages on this site. We hope you find what you're looking for!

Eastern Religions & Inspired Groups - If you were part of a group based on the teachings of Hinduism, Buddhism, or another eastern philosophy, such as a meditation or yoga group, this is the page for you.

Cults - From harmful expressions of Transcendental Meditation to sexually exploitive yoga classes, many people who leave organizations inspired by the teachings of eastern mysticism later compare their groups to a cult. Learn how to tell a harmful group from a healthy one, and find other resources such as tips for leaving, or a therapist who can help you process and rebuild.

LGBTQ - Whether you need a safe place to stay after being kicked out of home, or you want advice for coming out, or you're looking for affirming resources to share with religious loved ones, find support here.

Mental Health - Do you find yourself struggling with depression or anxiety after a loss of faith? Learn more about Religious Trauma Syndrome and find a counselor or peer support group who can help.

Secular Resources - Find a faith-free therapist, an online or local support group of non-theists, and check out some of the blogs and podcasts from other ex-believers who dared to doubt.

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