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Podcasts & Blogs

If you're looking for some internet therapy from other folks who questioned their belief systems, check out the sites below for stories of courage and inspiration. Everyone struggles with doubt. Sometimes this struggle leads to renewed faith, other times it changes our spiritual lives completely. Whether you stay in your religion, embrace a new one altogether, or find yourself somewhere in between,  we encourage you to give yourself the freedom to find your own truth.

We've included some background-specific sites here, but check our Resources by Belief System for more!


Graceful Atheist With an emphasis on secular grace - think of it as humanism plus - the podcast, blog, and other content created by David the Graceful Atheist is an ideal starting place for those who no longer believe in the supernatural but might still be leery of the word 'atheist.' There is a way to be a gracious and moral nonbeliever.

Faith to Faithless ~ This UK-based nonprofit was founded by ex-Muslims who wish to give a voice to minority-within-minority groups like other ex-Muslims, ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, and ex-Mormons. They offer guidance for those looking to "come out," resources for those escaping honor based violence, and more. Check out their videos.

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