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   Must-See Resources

Journey Free ~ Dr. Marlene Winell is the therapist who coined the term Religious Trauma Syndrome. She offers sessions over Skype or from her office in Oakland, CA. Dr. Winell also leads an online support group and holds weekend retreats for those looking to reclaim their lives after toxic faith. 

The Secular Therapy Project ~ Find a therapist without a spiritual agenda. Recovering From Religion has a growing database of non-religious mental health professionals who use evidence-based approaches to counseling. Find a secular therapist now.

The Friendly Atheist ~ Here at Dare to Doubt, we're not afraid of the A-word. Though we welcome all in various stage of questioning their beliefs, if you've already decided faith in anything is not for you, the videos, blogs, and podcast of the Friendly Atheist will validate and inspire you with true stories of others who defied and left their belief systems. 

Break Free Together Dinner parties for people healing from sexual shame? We're down. Linda Kay Klein, author of Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement that Shamed a Generation of Women and How I Broke Free, founded this organization bringing together people from various religious backgrounds for story exchange over the dinner table. Break free from shame! 

You can also check out the following pages on this site. We hope you find what you're looking for!

Mental Health - Do you find yourself struggling with depression or anxiety after a loss of faith? Learn more about Religious Trauma Syndrome and find a therapist or peer support group who can help.

Secular Resources - Find a faith-free therapist, an online or local support group of non-theists, and check out some of the blogs and podcasts from other ex-believers who dared to doubt.

Cults - You may never have thought you were part of a cult. If you're starting to wonder if your group is unhealthy, learn how to tell a healthy group from a destructive one, and find other resources such as tips for leaving or a therapist who can help you process and rebuild.

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