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My favorite reply on the net is to say that the theists might as well worship Jeffery Dahmler or Mr. Hilter--the true mass murderers instead of their fictional god who drowned everyone in a big flood. Their Mr. God has a "killing" credibility issue, "Thou shall not kill." I'm a lifetime member now of FFRF too. I wish they also pioneered homes for kids to get away from their terrorizing, religious parents.

Anyway, I would like to marry/partner an atheist activist female and so our children would be too. I'm in Oelwein, Iowa in the middle of Jesus Country. Christians use their cult as match making so I hope we can do the same here. My Google Voice home# is 319-283-4434 and please leave a message (since I haven't figured how to turn back on ring-ins from before the election when it got turned off but Google does forward them to cell). I have just 1 tie to anything you call family and that's my mother I guardian for. She said she'd like grandchildren. I could care less about my religious sister or brother and that family side.

"Love?" What is love, honestly? Since my parents broke up, of course along with 50% people who say they "love" each other after their "vows" contract, I don't think that "love" exists. Can we call it "respect" instead? "Love" is a word used by Christians (probably made up by them too just like "faith" is another lie word for TRUTH WITHOUT PROOF) and super superficial, because even they don't know what it means--"Jesus loves you." That's retarded.

Anyway, Christians meet every week, or so, at their match making cult center so atheists are at a disadvantage dating--plus living in hillbilly (Obama won caucus, but now) Republican Jesus Country Iowa doesn't help either and I don't know anybody in Iowa--it's almost like I'm living on Mars if not for the internet. But I still like it here since COLiving is very low and I bicycle everywhere in this small town to get groceries--probably driven around only 400 miles for all of 2020. BTW--Abortion is what gives a women power because it's her body. BTW--I'm vegetarian because why would you want an animal to suffer for your taste-buds? You're better than other animals and that's why you eat them? Or... you're better than other animals therefore you don't eat them. Human palette or your self importance is more important over animal life?

Anyway, I have saved all you need for the rest of your life to take care of the children because someone has to raise kids that aren't terrorized by some murdering god--in a giant flood or Jericho, say--all fiction of course but still terrorizing to any child who is told they will go to hell unless they believe this Christian terrorizing BS. So our kids can be scientist freethinkers and DIYers who care about animals. So I'm in Oelwein caring for my mother, Mary Kaye, and we're here on the SE side--3 blocks close to Fareway grocery. She has to like you which I'm sure she will. I DIY trying to improve mother's 1914 house and the children can do that too while they take care of you if I were to die before 100. My other grandfather, Floyd Alber, Maynard, lived until 104 but unfortunately he sold the farm for some 48 year old when he was 82 and that blew plans taking over farming (since I was "children of the devil")--that's why I'm here in town looking after my divorced mother (who got only $150month from her ex!) and who I have no ties with that side of the family anymore. Therefore just have one tie, mother, who I guardian for (corneal cataract one eye), and that's it. She would like grandchildren. Would like to create my own family line who are free of divisive religion which makes humans turn on each other and not care about the planet because they "are going someplace better."

I like the "Pas de Deux" from the Nutcracker (the more subtle parts), and softer classical (Iowa Public Radio doesn't have commercials which I can't stand when listening), of course Rockmoninoff piano #2, "Night on Bald Mountain", New World Symphony, ... or just see my Music Monkey list on "1weird Doe" YouTube.

Dan Alber

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