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Monira Khatun
Jun 13, 2022
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The rise of new users and daily active users may be short-lived. Take a bulk sms service look at Lao Luo's "chat treasure". Relying on the influence of KOL and user sentiment, it has occupied the top of the APP Store social rankings for 13 consecutive days, and won nearly 8 million in one month. users, and now the situation is bleak. Compared with Lao Luo's "Chat Treasure", more products are spent on promotion to acquire users. In recent years, the price of channel bulk sms service promotion has been getting higher and higher, and the pricing of CPC / CPT / CPD / CPA has continued to rise, and the CPT price of the app store has doubled in half a year. The DNU and DAU of users brought by burning bulk sms service money are on the rise, but the loss rate of the product itself may remain high. In fact, the retention of customers is gradually decreasing. If users cannot remain in the product, this kind of "growth" is not possible. meaningful. Growth direction → improve "retention rate" Imagine a wooden barrel with several cracks. The more water is poured in, the more water will flow away. Just like a lot of new users bulk sms service entering the product but unable to retain TAs, it is impossible to achieve sustainable growth of the product. In addition, the mobile APP market is becoming saturated, the dividend era is over, and acquiring customers is not as easy and cheap as before. Now that we have moved from an era of "incremental" to an era of "stock", it is more cost-effective to retain old users. Zhuge io wrote in "Eight Data Analysis Models": For bulk sms service users, the higher the retention rate, the better the product grasps the user's core needs, and the user has a strong dependence on the product; for the product, the higher the retention rate is. If the value is high, it means that the more active users of the product, the greater the ratio of bulk sms service conversion into loyal users will be, which is more conducive to the improvement of the product's commercial capabilities. To sum up, considering the specific situation of the product at the current stage, it is a more important direction to increase user growth and improve the "user retention rate".
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Monira Khatun

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