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  Microsoft AI- 102 Sample Questions

 01. A client uses Azure Cognitive Hunt. The client plans to enable a garçon- side encryption and use client- managed keys( CMK) stored in Azure.

 What are three counteraccusations of the planned change?

 Each correct answer presents a complete result. AI-102 Questions NOTE Each correct selection is worth one point.

 a) The indicator size will increase.

 b) Query times will increase.

 c) A tone- inkedX.509 instrument is needed.

 d) The indicator size will drop.

 e) Query times will drop.

f) Azure Key Vault is needed.

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 02. You're erecting a natural language model. You need to enable active literacy. What should you do?

 a) Add show- all- intents = true to the vaticination endpoint query.

 b) Enable speech priming.

 c) Add iog = true to the vaticination endpoint query.

 d) Enable sentiment analysis.

  03. You plan to perform prophetic conservation. You collect IoT detector data from 100 artificial machines for a time. Each machine has 50 different detectors that induce data at one- nanosecond intervals. In total, you have 5,000 time series datasets.

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