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   Must-See Resources

Recovering from Religion ~ One of the largest resource sites for both religious folks who still value their faith and non-religious folks seeking secular help. See their vast list of mental health and crisis information, find a local group, or call 1-844-368-2848 to talk with someone from their peer support.

#Exvangelical Podcast ~ Podcast host Blake Chastain left evangelical Christianity, but his faith is still important to him. As its name might suggest, this podcast and blog site is like therapy for ex-evangelicals, with interviews from people who still consider themselves Christian and those who found they couldn't sustain their faith any longer.

Break Free Together Dinner parties for people healing from sexual shame? We're down. Linda Kay Klein, author of Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement that Shamed a Generation of Women and How I Broke Free, founded this organization bringing together people from various religious backgrounds for story exchange over the dinner table. Break free from shame! Linda also offers coaching and consulting.

The Life After ~ Holding space for people leaving Christian Fundamentalism, The Life After offers a secret Facebook group to deconstruct religion among friends as well as a podcast with an emphasis on rebuilding after Religious Trauma Syndrome.

You can also check out the following pages on this site. We hope you find what you're looking for!

Christianity - This page offers resources specifically for people with a Christian background, whether fundamentalist Baptist or non-denominational.

Faith-Friendly Resources - If you still find comfort in faith, the organizations listed here will be sensitive to your beliefs while offering support for your doubts.

Mental Health - Do you find yourself struggling with depression or anxiety after a loss of faith? Learn more about Religious Trauma Syndrome and find a therapist or peer support group who can help.

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