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If you've ever struggled with questioning your beliefs, or you feel shattered by the ramifications of leaving your religion, you've found a safe place. Dare to Doubt is a resource hub for people detaching from harmful belief systems. Our aim is to help you heal from the damage of indoctrination by connecting you with mental health professionals, aid organizations, and peer support groups. 


• To encourage understanding of religious trauma and Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS).

• To make finding help easier for those fleeing and recovering from spiritual abuse, mind control, and destructive groups.

• To support doubting and former believers through practical resources and inspiring stories.


• Freedom. We treasure the right to think, feel, and live for oneself.

• Compassion. We endeavor to respect everyone's individual journey in and out of faith.

• Self-trust. We appreciate the subjectivity of knowing what's true for you and what's not.

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About Alice

Hi, I'm Alice! Thank you so much for visiting Dare to Doubt. Whether you're just beginning to question your beliefs or you left your faith years ago, I'm glad you're here. 


I left Christianity in 2007. Since then, through my career as a TV and film actress, I've been privileged to meet so many others like myself struggling with the repercussions of leaving faith. These cathartic conversations told me there is a huge need for us to find each other. I created this site in hopes you might feel less alone on your journey out of a belief system. 


Why do I say belief system and not religion? Because you may have never considered yourself religious. I didn't. My evangelical community preferred the term 'Spirit-filled.' Groups both secular and spiritual can be destructive, and leaving them can result in what some psychologists refer to as Post-Cult After Effects, or Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS). It is my personal mission to encourage a better understanding of religious trauma with the goal of having RTS officially recognized as a treatable mental health condition. 

While Dare to Doubt is primarily a secular resource site, I've also chosen to include some resources that I describe as faith-friendly. This is to honor people who may leave fundamentalism but still find comfort in some expression of spirituality. I myself am an atheist, and I respect and affirm that faith can be true to some and never true to others. We are all deserving of compassion and help. You can learn more about me at my personal website or by reading my book, Wayward: A Memoir of Spiritual Warfare & Sexual Purity.


I hope you find the resources on this site valuable to whatever stage of healing you're at. Nothing makes me feel more purposeful than knowing I've helped someone else in the throes of daring to doubt. Thanks for coming by!

~ Alice Greczyn

 Actress, Author, and Founder of Dare to Doubt

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