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Hey, there!

Below are answers to a few commonly asked questions. If you’ve reached out with no response, my sincerest apologies. I try to reply to as many people as I can, but as a one-woman operation, I cannot always keep up in a timely manner. That said, I'll be adding more FAQs here soon, and in the meantime, I hope these help! 


Alice, Founder of Dare to Doubt

Q: Can you help me or my loved one leave a cult?

Unfortunately, I personally cannot. The Cults page of resources exists to show you who can help you or your loved one exit a destructive group and get recovery support.

Q: How can I help ex-Scientologists, former NXIVM members, and other cult survivors?

Thanks to shows like A&E’s Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath and Hulu’s The Vow, I’ve heard from a ton of you generously wanting to offer your homes, wallets, and hearts to those who have left these groups. My suggestion is to look up resources already helping these escapees and survivors and reach out to them directly to donate or offer your support. (Hint: the Scientology and Cults pages are great places to find these existing organizations!)

Q: Are you anti-religious?

No. Dare to Doubt is pro-personal truth. If your faith is true to you, I have no desire to diminish the reality of your experience. Dare to Doubt exists for those to whom religion may no longer be true or never was, whether in part or in full. We welcome all who are curious, questioning, and/or rejecting of faith-based belief systems.

Q: Can I interview someone from Dare to Doubt for my thesis/student film/project?

Unfortunately, I am unavailable for these sorts of interviews right now. When time allows, I'm happy to be a guest on podcast shows, and the best way to reach me for that is by sending me a direct message on Instagram

Q: Where can I send a donation? 

Firstly, thank you so much! Dare to Doubt is not a registered nonprofit. I may register it one day, but for now, Dare to Doubt is a not-for-profit passion project that is completely self-funded and self-run. If you would like to show your support by sending a NON-tax-deductable donation, you can send me funds as a personal gift through Venmo, PayPal, or Cash App. It'll go toward domain renewals, Shutterstock images, widgets, books for giveaways, etc. Just write "Dare to Doubt" in the subject line. Again, thank you so very much!

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