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Questioning faith takes courage. Leaving your religion can be life-shattering.

You may be experiencing varying stages of doubt, crisis, and recovery.

You are not alone.

The fastest-growing religious group in America is the religiously unaffiliated.

78% of those who identify as 'None' were raised in a religion.

6 in 10 Millennials leave their faith.

 In my experience, the one thing that helps most is knowing you're not alone, that there are others here just like you.

~ Ali A. Rizvi, ex-Muslim

The Atheist Muslim: A Journey from Religion to Reason

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Your Body Is A Person: A 14-Week Online Course by Jamie Lee Finch

From the author of You Are Your Own: A Reckoning With the Religious Trauma of Evangelical Christianity comes this 30-lesson course based on Jamie's six-plus years working with clients as a Certified Integrative Health Coach. If you struggle with symptoms of religious trauma, or if you'd like to have a better relationship between yourself and your body, this course invites you on a journey of reconnection and healing. Registration ends August 31st, but you can take Jamie's FREE 10-day mini-course at any time and as a member of her online community The Coven, you'll be the first to know when the Your Body Is A Person course has new openings!

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Hi, I'm Alice! Welcome to Dare to Doubt. You can read more about why I started this site here. If you're curious to put a voice to a face, you can listen to me being interviewed by the Graceful Atheist Podcast and learn a bit about my story and why I started this resource site. Wherever you're at in your own journey of doubt, I hope you feel welcome!

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