#Exvangelical Podcast ~ Podcast host Blake Chastain left evangelical Christianity, but his faith is still important to him. As its name might suggest, this podcast and blog site is like therapy for ex-evangelicals, with interviews from people who still consider themselves Christian and atheists who found that faith was no longer for them.

Life After God ~ Former pastor Ryan Bell started this site after an experiment with atheism left him unable to reconcile his beliefs with his truth. He now runs a regular podcast and blog, and his organization offers coaching and consulting services for those transitioning out of faith.

The Friendly Atheist ~ Here at Dare to Doubt, we're not afraid of the A-word. Though we welcome all in various stage of questioning their beliefs, if you've already decided faith in anything is not for you, the videos, blogs, and podcast of the Friendly Atheist will keep you engaged.

Valerie Tarico's Blog ~ For some truly therapeutic (and often humorous) post-evangelical writing, read the articles and blog entries of Valerie Tarico. We especially liked "Evangelical Christianity's 10 Biggest Mindfucks." Her YouTube channel Trusting Doubt is also a wealth of information and catharsis.

The Life After ~ Holding space for people leaving Christian Fundamentalism, The Life After offers a secret Facebook group to deconstruct religion among friends as well as a podcast with an emphasis on rebuilding after Religious Trauma Syndrome.

Not Your Mission Field ~ For ex-evangelical conversations and well-researched articles reflecting on everything from Christian politics to homeschooling, visit the site of writer and scholar Chrissy Stroop. She also has a thoughtfully selected list of resources for ex-fundamentalists and other spiritual abuse survivors.