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Lisa Lisa
Jul 21, 2022
In What's your story?
Stress is one of the most common causes of trouble, suffering and failure of any person, because the modern lifestyle is a constant rush, nerves, emotions. But do not be afraid of this, stress is an indispensable component of human life. It can both reduce and increase the body's resistance. Stress can be prevented by providing members of society with favorable conditions for development, freedom in choosing life attitudes and positions. For those who constantly live in a nervous environment and face stressful situations daily, psychotherapists advise: • take things easier and not take them to heart; • learn to think positively, finding positive traits in every incident; • switch to pleasant thoughts. If any negativity overwhelms you, force yourself to think of something else; • Laugh more. As you know, laughter not only prolongs life, but also helps to get rid of nervous tension; • limit your intake of caffeine (coffee, strong black tea) and alcohol; • eat right, eat more foods enriched with vitamins; • get enough sleep. Sound and healthy sleep is very useful; • do not watch or listen to anything that causes trouble (movies, music, news); • engage in physical culture, because. Sport helps to get rid of negativity and cope with stress.

Lisa Lisa

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