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Feb 18, 2021
In What's your story?
I left the church of Christ in high school and was tired of going to church all the time and getting criticized and judged by everyone! Missionaries do nothing but brag in the church of Christ and left. And now stuck with annoying Mormon missionaries! My friend died and the missionaries told me about their weird afterlife then it was oh can you go inside? our church is here! The member and missionaries started gossiping in front of me and talking about Utah! I got up and got we will call you at 11 and they did and got oh can you not use headphones! Nope I will and they hung up on me and I said I am not interested in the Mormon church! I left one cult talking about how everyone who is not church of Christ will go to hell to the Mormons who hate gays and are a cult to. I am tired of cults


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