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Apr 11, 2022
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The somewhat unsatisfactory answer is: it depends, but probably.What does it depend on? The uniqueness of your content should be based on the dynamics of each social media channel's user community, platform algorithms, content formats, and your followers.He is a rare person who only has one social media account. Internet users buy email list around the world actively use an average of 7.6 social media channels. More than 50% of digital consumers follow brands, probably on at least a few of those 7.6 channels. Megan De Waele Bieber, senior social media strategist at athenahealth, explained that each channel they're on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram has a separate set of content standards. We need to assume that our followers and our audience follow us on multiple channels, so we can't post the same content to all channels."Even though different people follow you on each channel, their mindset and expectations vary by channel. LinkedIn buy email list users are looking for professional content like networking opportunities and business information, while Facebook users are looking for more personal content related to their interests, friends and social life.These audience expectations also influence the performance of your content. If your followers aren't looking for it, they'll ignore it without engaging or sharing. As DeWaele Bieber shared, "We exclusively post data-driven thought leadership on LinkedIn and relevant, high-priority industry news on Twitter. Your brand's personality and message should be consistent across all channels, but a cut-and-paste approach probably won't work well for you, or buy email list any brand.Global Marketing Manager at SEMrush, Olga Andrienko, said: “The message you convey should certainly be consistent across all social media platforms, but how you shape it will vary depending on how its users consume the social media. content. »Presentation matters. Just as you wouldn't wear the same outfit to a job interview and a rock concert, don't present your content the same way to your different audiences on social media.Because every brand and audience is unique, there is no single strategy, general tactic, or best practice per channel that will work for everyone. And after defining your brand's channel strategy, you may need to modify it.
t series
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